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Heaters - Spare Parts to Regain Uncomplicated Heating

Looking for alternative solutions to heat rooms and outdoor areas, more and more people are turning to heaters. Heaters ensure that it becomes pleasantly warm within a short time - even when resources like gas, oil, or other fuels are not available. With intensive use, some components may fail. To avoid having to give up the electric heating solution, spare parts for the heater are essential.

In our online shop, we offer a wide selection of spare parts for your wall heater and stand heater.

Which spare parts play a role in a heater defect? Browse our online shop and find the right components with the help of the following guide.

Spare Parts for the Heater - The Benefits of Repairing Your Device

Your heater has a defect, and you need a quick solution? Many people resort to buying a new device and simply replace the heater. However, this is relatively expensive and often unnecessary. Instead, spare parts for the heater can restore its full functionality. Buying spare parts for a wall heater or stand heater is economically attractive and requires little repair effort. Heaters are quite simple in design, allowing you to quickly replace spare parts in your heater and continue heating your rooms or outdoor areas as usual.


Heaters - These Spare Parts Will Get Your Device Running Again


The heart of a heater is the mainboard, which contains all the electronics. If the mainboard is defective, the heating performance of the heater is usually compromised. Therefore, spare parts like a mainboard should be kept in reserve in any household with a heater. When you buy a heater, we recommend also purchasing spare parts like a mainboard for your wall heater or stand heater. This way, you can quickly react to a defect and replace the board in your device without waiting for delivery. This practice is particularly relevant for high-quality devices, which are generally used over several years due to their higher initial cost. The likelihood of needing spare parts for the heater increases accordingly.

The mainboard of your heater is intact, but something is still not working? Check the heating rods of your device - there might be a defect there. In our online shop, you can also buy spare parts for your heater in the form of carbon heating rods. You can find a carbon heating rod for your wall heater or stand heater in various power ratings in our spare parts range.

Do you need a version with a relatively low heating power of just 1,200 watts, or do you need high-performance spare parts like a 2,500-watt carbon heating rod? Medium power levels such as 1,700 watts and 2,000 watts are also available in our collection of heater spare parts.


Heaters - Spare Parts & Accessories from Experts at an Affordable Price


In addition to mainboards and carbon heating rods for wall heaters and stand heaters, you can also buy spare parts and accessories in the form of mounts. We offer wall and ceiling mounts for your heater. You can also order a remote control for convenient on/off switching from a distance.

Do you need spare parts or accessories like a plastic side panel? Buy affordable components of premium quality in our shop!